This is AP English

Journalistic Writing will provide you with an opportunity to take the writing from the Language Arts courses to a new level and explore the professional opportunities present within the Journalism profession. As this course is a prerequisite to Newspaper and Yearbook, this course will prepare you to participate as active learners in Newspaper and Yearbook in upcoming years if you choose, and learn skills to support your core academic courses.

Welcome to the Moodle homebase for Mrs. Ruffner's 12th Grade Language Arts Class.

This a site to be used for Ms. Neumann's Mass Media courses.  We will use Moodle as a way to communicate and collaborate information discussed in class.

 It is important to note that Yearbook is an academic class, not just an extra-curricular activity. You will be learning about design, journalistic writing, photography, and advertising. Therefore, there will be tests, quizzes, and projects that are associated with these skills. The majority of instructional time will take place in the first quarter. After that, the remainder of the year will involve a lot of personal responsibility and group work in order to meet deadlines and create the yearbook. Additionally, leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills will be learned in this class.