Differentiating within your online classroom environment! Taking Moodle to the next level of Web 2.0 Interaction and Assessment (complete with time to get your courses and assessments started!)

All participants must bring your laptop to:
1. Set Up your Moodle course(s)
2. Discover and Explore - How to have Synchronous as well as Asynchronous class online
3. Create Quizzes that grade themselves (bring your paper quizzes to take time to create the online version)
4. Create online assignments for completion in or out of class
5. Embed various multimedia within your online course (for instructional purposes or students to turn in Web 2.0 work)
6. Learn how to have students upload their assignments to turn them in
7. Use the iPod/iPad cart for student access as well

A place to peruse Web 2.0 resources and examples

A course for Teaching Tech Tips n Such

WATER is a live demonstration of using a range of standard features of Moodle on a topic that affects the entire world - water!

In April 2010, 40 participants created sample student data for this course. The course is available to enter, play in, even download for your own purposes at http://demo.moodle.org.

From July 2010, this and alike courses will become a part of Moodle education-demo site, running Moodle 2.0.

If you would like to take an active part in the NEXT such demo course on a similarly general topic and help us generate sample data, please create an account today. This will put you on top-of-the line for the next course (Water! filled up within 36 hours!) and ensure that you get an invitation via email you supply at the time of enrolment.

Thank you for your interest.

Tomaz Lasic
Education Researcher
Moodle HQ
Twitter @edumoodle